Your Dog May Keep You From Qualifying for Home Insurance

Did you know that most home insurance policies cover you for animal liability? This means that if your dog/animal bites and/or injures someone, your home insurance will fork up the bill for those injuries. Because homeowner’s insurance companies offer this coverage, they will restrict what kind of animals are allowed before they agree to insure your property.

Home Insurance Austin TX

Home Insurance Austin TX

Exotic animals and animals with the reputation of being violent or aggressive can cause you to be turned down by most insurance companies. What animals make it onto the “exotic, violent, or aggressive” list? Well, exotic is a no-brainer – no lions, tigers, bears, or of some of the smaller pets like insect or reptiles.

Because dogs are the most common type of pet, insurance companies have made a list for unacceptable dog breeds based on statistical injury data. Breeds of dog like Doberman, Rottweiler, Pit Bull and Chow Chow usually make it to this list. The list of unacceptable dog breeds will be different with every home insurance company.

Now before you say it, we know not every Pit Bull is mean and not every Rottweiler is an attack dog, but all the jerks that breed dogs to fight and be attack dogs have ruined it for everyone. If you are in a situation like this, our recommendation will be to shop until you find a home insurance company who will accept your pet. As last resort, you may be able to find an insurance company who will insure your house with the dog, but will want to exclude animal liability.



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