Why Did My Auto Insurance Company Add Another Driver To My Policy?

Have you ever opened a letter from your auto insurance company and found a notice stating that they were adding a driver that you may or may not have ever known?  Most likely the driver lives in your household or at least lived in the household at one time and is probably receiving mail at your address.

Auto Insurance Austin TX

Auto Insurance Austin TX

Insurance companies want to add household drivers because someone that lives in the same house as you is more likely to drive your vehicle than someone who does not live in the same household.  To make sure an insurance company has all of the potential drivers added or exclude from your policy they will run reports on your address.   Anyone of driving age that is receiving mail at your address could show up on one of these reports and be added to your policy.

If you receive a notice or find that your insurance premium has gone up because of an added driver there are a few things you can do.

  1. If the added driver lives with you but does not drive your vehicle most companies will give you the option to exclude them.  Excluding a driver means that your policy will not cover them if they drive.
  2. If the added driver does not live in your household, let your insurance company know and the driver can be removed (sometime the insurance company will request proof of residence to remove the driver).

Another reason a driver might be added to your policy is if they were driving during the event of an accident.  In this case, you will more than likely have to exclude the driver to prevent the insurance company from charging you an additional premium.



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