Why Do I Have To Start A New Auto Insurance Policy When I Move To A New State?

I just moved to a different state and I’m being told that I have to buy a new auto insurance policy even though I just paid for a six month auto insurance policy in the previous state.   The reason you have to have an insurance policy for that specific state is insurance laws can vary quite a bit from state to state.  For Example, in Florida the state minimum for auto insurance liability is 10/20/10 and in Texas its 30/60/25.  So if you were to move to Texas from Florida your liability limits would be too low.  Liability is not the only coverage that may vary from state to state.  In some states personal injury protection or PIP is a mandatory coverage (PIP is optional in Texas).

Auto Insurance Austin TX

Auto Insurance Austin TX

Another reason you may have to get a new policy is the company you have now may not be licensed to do business in your state.  Even if the company you are with is licensed in your new state your agent may not be.  If you just moved to Texas and have questions about starting up a Texas auto insurance policy visit www.keepaustininsured.com or call me at 512.454.7799.



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